The Healing Power of Music


If you’re like me, having a daily practice that raises your vibration & conscious awareness is important.  Tools that help to stay connected to the light and higher consciousness can range anywhere from daily positive affirmations to a specific meditation practice.  Personally, I have found that practicing and listening to music is an effective way to release negative or obsessive thinking, detaching from depression and problems, and replacing those worries with a clear and empty mind. 

Even while cleaning the house or driving, listening to uplifting music with a positive message can elevate my mood and bring the listener into a loving and relaxed space. Some ways that fans have shared how they use my recorded music include listening while driving, during a massage, for the opening of holistic workshops, and for relaxation. 

It is my pleasure to share with you these original recordings, created with the intention to instill a feeling of peace and interconnectedness with all things.


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