6 Month Sobriety Challenge

At the turn of the new year I made a pact and commitment with 2 other girlfriends to stay off alcohol for 6 months. We turned to each other when we came face-to-face with challenges, frustrations, weak moments and temptations.

I’d been wanting to try to be sober for a while so when the opportunity to have group support to achieve my goal presented itself I jumped at the chance. I’ll never forget the look on each of our faces, eyes bulging out of their sockets in fear, when we realized how long six months was.

In my industry where I’m hired to perform weekly at parties, restaurants, bars and for family celebrations, the offer and temptation to partake in drinking posed a real challenge for me. But being a person that is living with an autoimmune disease I’ve been trying to do what I can to take my health into my own hands and heal myself naturally. Giving up alcohol was one way I could take control of my health.

During the 6 months I felt very challenged by temptation on several occasions. It often seemed like it would be so much easier to just accept a drink that was offered to me than to say no and explain why.

The biggest hurdle I faced was attending a family wedding in Puerto Vallarta where an abundance of beautifully colored tropical drinks were being served at the poolside bar, on the 360° rooftop bar, and near the sandy beach overlooking the sparkling turquoise sea. Sharing a glass of wine to celebrate with family at dinner time seemed like the ultimate way to unwind and fully enjoy my vacation.  I couldn’t have imagined a more ideal place to enjoy a drink or two where I wouldn’t have to drive home at the end of the day or go to work the next morning.

In spite of the temptation I stayed in touch Angela & Ellie and they wouldn’t let me cave. The thought occurred to me that I could secretly have a drink and never tell them, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I was dishonest. This wasn’t about them, this challenge was for me and if I cheated I couldn’t hide it from myself.  I would ultimately be letting myself down.

One night in Mexico I was downright ANGRY about the pact I had made and I reached out to the ladiez to confess my feelings. They were supportive and heard me out but still, they held firm and wouldn’t let me break our commitment. Virtually, these sisters held my hand through the weekend providing me with the strength I needed to stay sober.

Once I rode out the initial temptations, I realized I was able to enjoy the same drinks, sans alcohol, and have just as good of a time as everyone else. I discovered that I didn’t need alcohol to have fun or cut loose. (I’m pretty goofy without it ...my daughter will attest to that. 😜) In fact life was turning out to be even mo betta without it. Morning time came around and I didn’t have to suffer the hangover or other ill effects from drinking the night before.

In the end, I couldn’t be more proud of what we have overcome and the strength we had together.  What was once a real challenge for me is now a new way of life.

I’m sharing this in case some of you have a similar health goal or challenge you’ve been thinking about facing, especially during these challenging times when a lot of us are spending more time at home alone.

This is the beginning of month 8 for me and I’m still going strong. I’m not saying I will never drink again but for now it suits me and I plan to stick with it as long as it feels right to do so.


T for TEAMwork.

Girl power X3!!


Benefits of remaining sober include but not limited to:

Clearer decision making

More time for creative projects

No more numbness

Replacing late nights with earlier morning exercise & se

Gentleness with self

Increased sensitivity and awareness

Feeling more empowered

More centered

In touch with my intuitive impulses

Clearer skin

- dehydration + hydration

Confidence gained from staying committed to a goal! 💥

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